Look to Bodman Services for Expert Chemical Cleaning Advice

Pre-Project Visit

Your Bodman Technical Adviser will walkdown the entire system and meet with appropriate personnel to gain an understanding of your challenges and objectives. At the same time, your Bodman Technical Adviser will discuss safety, temporary connections, circulation paths, cleaning equipment placement, project timing and schedule.

Project Planning

Project Planning actually starts during the initial visit, then continues in our offices and analytical laboratory. The chemical cleaning lab uses Elemental Scale Analysis, evaluates tube samples for DWD, and performs Dissolution Testing to determine the best chemical cleaning formulation. A guideline covering all aspects of the project will be prepared for your approval.

Project Monitoring and Management

Your Bodman Technical Advisor will work with plant personnel and the Chemical Cleaning Contractor to review safety procedures, verify the proper connections, and ensure equipment and chemicals are in place for the project. Bodman services provides 24/7 coverage to oversee the project through the equipment startup.

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Chemical Cleaning Consultation

Specification & Procedure Development

Specification & Procedure Development

Review boiler design and history to set up flow systems, temporary connections and chemical cleaning equipment requirements. Detail these needs in a Chemical Cleaning Guideline.

Chemical Formulation Determination

Chemical Formulation Determination

Using current tube samples, past tube analyses and water treatment records; determine the best chemical cleaning chemistry to use on the project.

Precleaning Inspections & Evaluation

Precleaning Inspections & Evaluation

Work with Client to review current and past inspection results along with visual inspection of available areas to determine if and when a chemical cleaning is needed.

On Site Supervision

On Site Supervision

Oversee of the chemical cleaning project up through the boiler startup to make sure the correct chemicals, chemical concentrations, temperatures and flows are applied following the Chemical Cleaning Guideline.

Vapor Phase Cleaning

Vapor Phase Cleaning

Vapor phase chemical cleaning is a cost-effective technique for cleaning new boiler tubes, tube panels, superheater pendants and even entire economizer sections prior to installation. Outage planners and maintenance managers appreciate that tubes can be cleaned pre-outage in a way that does not impact the outage schedule and requires no special preparations during the outage to do an alkaline boilout on the boiler once the tubes are installed.

The Boiler Cleaning Doctors

Our technical advisors, former employees at George H. Bodman Inc., bring an average of 40 years of experience working in the U.S. as well as Canada.